Lash Aftercare

Why is it important to follow lash aftercare?

Following lash aftercare will help your lashes look beautiful for longer and prevent your natural lashes from suffering. Here is some advice to follow, but don’t be afraid to contact me if you have any questions.

Can I get lash extensions wet?

For the first 48 hours you should avoid any contact with water, steam or heat. This includes saunas steam-rooms and sunbeds.  These can dissolve and weaken the glue, causing lashes to fall out quicker. After 48 hours it is fine to get the lashes wet. A daily shower allows the lashes to stay clean and free of dirt – just make sure to brush them through with your disposable wand after. Brushing your lashes after they get wet will comb through the lashes to ensure they dry back in place. 

Does anything else affect the glue?

Yes! Do not use any oily products around the lash as they contain chemical properties that will break down the adhesive. Check your makeup remover to ensure it is oil free and also don’t use waterproof or oil based mascara.

Can I use mascara on my lashes?

Mascara is not really needed or recommended. It can reduce the longevity of your lashes and damage your natural lashes if not cleaned properly. Some people still choose to use it and I would suggest if you do decide to do this, to apply mascara only to the tips of the lashes not the roots and clean your lashes properly each day.

Oh! And don’t perm, tint or use eyelash curlers either.

How do I clean my eyelash extensions?

Cleaning your lashes helps to keep the root area clean and prevent the build-up of bacteria, oil and makeup. You will need lash shampoo or cleanser, a cleansing brush and disposable wands. Also it’s useful to have some clean water and maybe some tissues to hand.

To save you having to shop around, you can purchase a cleanse kit from me on one of your visits. Please just email me or ask if you are interested!

Start by gently removing all makeup from around your eyes and lashes with an oil free makeup remover. Do not use cotton wool as fibres can get caught in your lashes.

If using my cleanse kit, shake the bottle and foam a ball onto your hand. Transfer a small amount to one closed eyelid. Gently apply the shampoo into the lashes in downward soft strokes using the cleansing brush.

Rinse with clean water and if necessary, pat around the eye and face area (but not the lashes) with a tissue. Repeat for the other eye.

Softly brush your lashes through with a disposable wand to ensure they dry back in place.

Do not worry if an odd eyelash comes out. Each natural eyelash has its own growing cycle and it is normal for a few lashes to fall out most days.

How often should I get infills?

Infills should be every 2-3 weeks depending on the natural lash growth. Your natural lashes have a growth cycle of around 4-6 weeks. However, not all lashes grow and fall-out at the same time. This is why your lashes need in-filling roughly every 2 weeks. As your natural lashes shed, your extensions will appear thinner or will have gaps. This is totally normal and healthy! Some lash extensions will naturally fall out due to everyday wear from rubbing eyes, sleeping, showering and daily activities. Infills allow me to make sure your lashes are always maintained in a healthy state and that ultimately they always look their best!

So will my lashes last for my holiday?

If you follow the aftercare then yes your lashes should last! You may experience thinning of the lash extensions due to your natural lash cycle shedding or general wear and tear, but the better you look after them, the better they last. 

While we are talking holidays…..salt water can often make the lashes dry and clump together, but once you have showered and brushed the lashes through, they will go back to their normal fluffy state!

What do I do if the lashes irritate or annoy me?

This is highly unlikely, however it can happen. Firstly, do not rub, twist or pick your extensions as you may damage your natural lashes.

If you do experience any irritation, you should contact me immediately. The lashes will more than likely need to be removed to stop the irritation. Never remove eyelash extensions yourself, they should always be professionally removed. You may then need to contact your GP depending on the severity.